Industry Revolution

We live in the days of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 - the era of digital technology, when data become a new energy that opens up latent opportunities in business and people's daily lives.

Practical application of cloud technologies, Data Science, innovative analytics in solving applied business tasks have already today increased the operational efficiency of companies, makes it possible understand the preferences and behavior of customers, to model the future and to make decisions more accurately and quickly.

In Syntegra, we help companies to go through the digital transformation and use technology for their own benefit.

Best Practices

Task solution of predictive modelling with the using of machine learning technologies

The commercial effectiveness of many businesses depends on the accuracy with which the company is able to plan the volume of realization of its goods or services. The subject becomes even more crucial with a various assortment or distribution network in the company, when the use of manual labor and traditional methods of analysis is not able to ensure the objectivity and accuracy of the forecast.

The application of machine learning tools (ML) for predictive modelling allows the use of computational resources and logic that takes into account and computes a variety of factors affecting the target forecast function. This makes it possible to achieve high accuracy, speed and automation of the forecasting process and the adoption of dependent solutions.

Dynamic business analytics over ERP systems

No matter which ERP system the company uses (1C, SAP, Dynamics AX, NAV, CRM), it is always the most important for management to receive up-to-date information about the company's indicators in an easy-to-analyze format. In order to solve this issue Syntegra uses the tools of Microsoft Power BI business analytics,  by creating for companies interactive and easy-to-read reporting with continuously updated data, dynamic monitoring panels and push-alerts about abnormal events on mobile devices. And the ability to display information on one dashboard from different data sources, for example, ERP, CRM, WEB, makes this tool irreplaceable in the world of diverse data sources.

Cloud IT infrastructure as a service – Combination of high technologies with pragmatic approach to finance

No matter, whether you are a start-up or sustainable developing business you are facing with the task of providing an IT platform for scaling and developing your company. By solving this task, you are encounter with the issues of equipment purchase, administration, security, maintenance, upgrade, lack of resources at some point, or vice versa, their low utilization.

Evolution of technologies allows business to choose a different approach - CLOUDY IT INFRASTRUCTURE AS SERVICE - a service in which you use IT resources in the OpEx model. This enables businesses to concentrate on solving their key issues, without spending time and efforts on non-core IT assets. SYNTEGRA provides services and consulting for using cloud technologies for your tasks, regardless of the service pattern (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

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Business Productivity

From the speed and effectiveness of the work of employees depends on the development of business. Creation of personal knowledge base, storage of documents and ensuring their safety, corporate platform for communicating with customers and within the company - are now available to your company anywhere in the world,on any device.

Cloud for business

Cloud Computing is a set of technologies that enable business to concentrate on solving its key tasks, without spending time and effort on non-core IT assets. Regardless of the service model (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), SYNTEGRA will help virtualize your information environment.
Big Data technology directly affects the efficiency of processing large amounts of information and the speed of decision making, which in turn affects the competitiveness of the business and leads to an increase in the operating profit of your company. Introduction allows to speed up the analysis of information data for the purpose of correct and their beneficial use.
Ready to take your business to new heights?
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